Zohn Pull Quote Testimonial Elaine Chen 2217Performance Coaching »

I’ll help you shine brilliantly in the spotlight. You’ll gain:

  • Techniques to shape any material into a compelling story
  • Understanding of the tools of influence
  • Confidence and poise
  • Flexibility to capitalize on the unexpected
  • Dynamic use of voice and body to drive your message home
  • Ability to handle “tough crowds” and win them over
  • A preparation process you can use for future presentations

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Executive Coaching »

What is your next level of excellence? Where do you feel unsure or stuck? As your coach, I stand with you in defining and achieving your highest goals. You’ll gain:

  • Powerful articulation of your goals
  • Clear action plans with measurable outcomes
  • Important performance data through assessment tools
  • Insight into organizational systems and dynamics
  • Techniques for improving difficult relationships
  • Proven strategies to increase your influence
  • Fresh ideas and approaches to your toughest challenges

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Group Training »

I customize each program to serve small or large groups, focusing on:

  • Leadership Presence
  • Outstanding Presentations
  • Improvisation and Communication Excellence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Phone and video presence
  • Facilitation and Meeting Management

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