About Zohn Coaching

Whether you need people to:

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  • Execute a plan
  • Change their minds
  • Give you their business
  • Pull together as a team
  • Fund your cause
  • Leap to their feet

I can help you achieve your goals.

I help people reach higher levels of impact through innovative group training and executive coaching.

In the virtual communication world, it is vital to use every tool to engage and inspire your audience.

My work leverages the power of rehearsal to help individuals and groups gain insight, confidence and mastery.

How do you influence and engage?

My coaching and training focuses on how you show up as a leader and move others to action.  You can lead at any level of an organization by powerfully communicating your ideas and inspiring others.  Whether you’re leading a team, giving a speech or trying to impact one key stakeholder, I can help you achieve great outcomes. I coach and train people at all levels of ability and seniority, and believe that huge gains can be made with the right tools and support.

I will help you gain skills, knowledge and awareness to reach and exceed your goals. I can also move your team or organization to the next level through customized training programs.

The power of rehearsal.

I view coaching and training as a rehearsal space. When artists rehearse, they try out new approaches in a safe and creative environment. They make discoveries that enable them to continuously improve. Once you know how to rehearse for results, you are on the fast (and permanent) track to growth and development. You and your group will thus continue to improve long after we have finished our work together.

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Coaching and training that works.

I work with people in the following areas:

  • Developing power and influence
  • Leadership presence
  • Virtual presence
  • Leading change
  • Enhancing creativity and teamwork
  • High stakes presentations
  • Managing people
  • Understanding organizational dynamics
  • Improving challenging relationships
  • Designing and facilitating meetings
  • Stepping into new roles with confidence
  • Sales and funding pitches
  • Crafting compelling messages
  • Vocal and physical communication
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Interviewing and networking
  • Teaching and facilitating skills