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Going from Screen to Stage — By Margie Zohn

Going from Screen to Stage - thumbnail 5211It’s 3:15pm, and you have spent the last 7 hours at your computer creating the most amazing deck of slides ever seen by humankind. You realize that your prospective clients will be arriving for your presentation in 15 minutes. You didn’t really get lunch – just a granola bar and a diet coke, and you’re little light headed upon standing. It’s hard to focus your eyes clearly. You grab a cup of coffee and speed down to the conference room, where, in a few short minutes, you will need to inspire trust, confidence and excitement in these clients so they will sign on with you. When they arrive and get settled, you open your mouth to speak but … Get the whole story »

Breathe to Inspire — By Margie Zohn

Breathe to Inspire - thumbnail 2029fl“Relaxation is the soul of the art, because it arouses receptivity rather than defensiveness in an audience.” — Arthur Miller, On Politics and the Art of Acting
Arthur Miller, one of the most celebrated playwrights of our time, does not give any scientific proof of his statement. For scientific proof, we might look to evidence that “mirror neurons” in our brains fire when we are watching someone do or feel something, and these are the same ones that fire when we actually do or feel that same thing. Thus, if we want people to feel relaxed in our presence, we should be relaxed ourselves … Read all about it »


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