Executive Coaching

As leaders, we need to influence and engage people toward achieving a mission. As organizations, we must develop our current and future leaders to their fullest potential, or risk losing them to a place that will. Learn more about the process »

My coaching focuses on three areas that drive professional success.

Personal: How can we lead from our authentic values, even in moments of uncertainty and challenge? How can we move past our blocks or perceived limitations? How can we maintain our wellbeing and effectiveness, no matter what comes at us?

Interpersonal: How can we ensure our key relationships are positive, productive and growing? Where do we need flexibility and where do we need boundaries? How can we cultivate connections that will help us progress in our career?

Organizational: What organizational trends and dynamics should we anticipate and respond to? What do we want to be known for in our organization? How can we supercharge our effectiveness in creating positive, systemic change?

In the coaching process, we create unique measures of success for all of these areas. We gather feedback from key stakeholders to inform our goals. I model coaching techniques that my clients can use to enhance their team’s performance and engagement. When I am working with multiple people within a firm, I can offer valuable insights to leadership about thematic strengths and challenges in their organization, while protecting the confidentiality of each individual I coach.

My goal: our work together is inspiring and energizing, and ultimately advances your career and your business.

What you’ll gain:

  • Clarity and prioritization of strategic goals
  • A solid action plan with measures of success and accountability
  • Key feedback to track progress
  • Techniques for strengthening relationships
  • Strategies to increase your influence
  • Insight into organizational systems and dynamics
  • Proven techniques for powerful communication
  • Approaches to become a more engaging leader
  • New ways to address your toughest challenges
  • Strategies to cultivate balance and ease at work

“What I appreciate most about Margie is that she reads, then feeds, my intellect — I’m always learning new ways to think about organizational and interpersonal systems. And she does this in a very grounded way, with pragmatism, humor, and immense amounts of compassion, while still somehow managing to also offer constructive criticism along the way. I thoroughly enjoy my interactions with Margie, and always feel like I walk away with a positive/proactive mindset, no matter what challenges I might be facing.”

Jonathan Pfautz, Chief, Strategic S&T, Charles River Analytics

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