Executive Coaching »

As leaders, we need to influence and engage people toward achieving a mission. As organizations, we must develop our current and future leaders to their fullest potential, or risk losing them to somewhere that will. My executive coaching centers on the three areas that drive professional success: personal, interpersonal, and organizational. You’ll gain:

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  • Clarity on your most important goals
  • Key feedback to ensure measurable progress
  • Techniques for strengthening relationships
  • Strategies to increase your influence
  • Insight into organizational systems and dynamics
  • Skills to become a more powerful communicator
  • Fresh approaches to your toughest challenges

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Presentation Coaching »

I’ll help you shine brilliantly in the spotlight. You’ll gain:

  • Confidence and poise
  • Techniques to shape your material into a compelling story
  • Dynamic use of voice, body and emotion to drive your message home
  • Increased ability to improvise
  • Experience with the tools of influence
  • Strategies for handling “tough crowds” and winning them over
  • A preparation process customized for you
  • Stress-reducing rehearsal techniques

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Signature Programs »


Theatre improvisation teaches us to think “Yes, And” before saying “No” or “Yes, But”.  While we can’t actually say yes to all ideas or requests, we can learn to listen more fully, amplify innovation, and generate trust and enthusiasm with any audience. We can come to enjoy “curveballs” by reading the room and trusting our instincts. Through improv, we enhance flexibility and responsiveness, hone our presence, and create lasting positive connections with clients and colleagues.


Humans are hardwired for stories. From childhood, stories are the way we learn and engage. As adults, great storytellers captivate attention, spark inspiration, and embed messages in our hearts and minds. Powerful stories teach lessons, create shared meaning, and spur positive action. Training in storytelling techniques enhances public speaking of any kind.

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Customized Training »

I offer custom-designed programs serving small or large groups. They focus on:

  • Leadership Presence
  • Outstanding Presentations
  • Improvisation and Communication Excellence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Phone and video presence
  • Facilitation and Meeting Management

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