Presentation Coaching

Anytime you show up, you are presenting.

You “present” with your energy, your body language, your facial expression, your tone of voice (and, oh yes, your content).

My coaching leverages the power of rehearsal. When artists rehearse, they try out new behaviors and approaches in a supportive and creative space. Rehearsing increases confidence, helps broaden your comfort zone, and is energizing and fun! Yet, people avoid rehearsal because they say, “It just makes me more nervous.” Once you know how to rehearse well, you’ll be on track for lasting growth.

Presentations: I support you in every aspect: audience analysis, crafting your material, rehearsal, delivery and follow up. Whether it’s a pitch, a kickoff, a keynote, a crucial meeting or any other moment when you need to be your best, we’ll take your performance to its highest level. Stepping up to speak, you’ll feel excited and empowered because you know how to connect and make your message stick.

Impromptu speaking: If you struggle to be confident and compelling, I will help you with
strategies to improve on both. When you know how to structure your communication, to focus and to relax, you will reach a level of comfort and effectiveness that will surprise you.

This coaching takes place virtually or in person.

What you’ll gain:

  • Confidence and poise
  • Techniques to shape your material into a compelling story
  • Dynamic use of voice, body and emotion to drive your message home
  • Increased ability to improvise
  • Experience with the tools of influence
  • Strategies for handling “tough crowds” and winning them over
  • A preparation process customized for you
  • Stress-reducing rehearsal techniques

“Margie has what I can only describe as a magical ear and touch. She listens well, thinks smart, and instinctively understands what a person is trying to say. She was thus absolutely instrumental in helping me shape a critical presentation: she helped me tell the story in a concise, clear and compelling way that also fit my own speaking style. Margie also brings warmth and understanding to her interactions, which immediately puts you at ease during moments that can feel rather vulnerable. I will definitely call on Margie the next time I am giving an important talk.”

Blyth Lord, Executive Director, Courageous Parents Network

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