“Quick and lasting results…extremely effective”

“Margie is a thoughtful, insightful and extremely effective coach who has an amazing ability to encourage and inspire her clients. She helps them reach beyond their comfort zone and achieve new heights of performance that exceed their own expectations. Margie asks probing questions that help clients think about issues in completely new ways. She gives practical advice that is constructive and immediately actionable. Every session brings new value and leads to demonstrable results. I highly recommend Margie to anyone who wants to see quick and lasting results.”

– Elaine Chen, Professor of Practice & Director, Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts University, and Founder and Managing Director, Conceptspring

“Margie’s work is transformative for leaders”

“Margie has become a regular contributor to professional learning programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She can enter a room with 80 leaders, most of whom will express deep apprehension about participating in improvisation, and transform the energy. Within 30 minutes participants are simultaneously relaxed and intensively focused on accepting new ideas; within 90 minutes the majority will report the intention to approach their work with a new mindset.”

– Mitalene Fletcher, Director, PreK–12 and International Programs

“Margie feeds my intellect with humor and compassion”

“What I appreciate most about Margie is that she reads, then feeds, my intellect — I’m always learning new ways to think about organizational and interpersonal systems. And she does this in a very grounded way, with pragmatism, humor, and immense amounts of compassion, while still somehow managing to also offer constructive criticism along the way. I thoroughly enjoy my interactions with Margie, and always feel like I walk away with a positive/proactive mindset, no matter what challenges I might be facing.”

– Jonathan Pfautz, Chief, Strategic S&T, Charles River Analytics

“Outstanding ability to help people grow”

“Margie has an outstanding ability, through her coaching and training, to help people enhance their skills and grow. Her work is creative, engaging and effective in moving individuals and teams toward their full potential. Margie brings extraordinary energy, insight and empathy to everything she does.”

– David Trietsch, Founding Director, Leadership Development Institute of CJP

“Wealth of experience coaching leaders”

COSH“Margie is a marvel! She brings her wealth of experience coaching leaders to the table – and does it with such kindness and patience. I recently returned to her advice when facing a challenge – reminding myself that I could choose to engage in the problem as a compassionate listener rather than defensively. It worked perfectly.”

– Marcy Goldstein-Gelb, Co-Executive Director, National Council for Occupational Safety and Health

“A magical ear and touch”

“Margie has what I can only describe as a magical ear and touch. She listens well, thinks smart, and instinctively understands what a person is trying to say. She was thus absolutely instrumental in helping me shape a critical presentation: she helped me tell the story in a concise, clear and compelling way that also fit my own speaking style. Margie also brings warmth and understanding to her interactions, which immediately puts you at ease during moments that can feel rather vulnerable. I will definitely call on Margie the next time I am giving an important talk.”

– Blyth Lord, Executive Director, Courageous Parents Network

“Invaluable resource”

“Since starting to work with Margie two years ago my meetings have been snappier, I’ve nailed my pitches, my career goals have crystallized and I have moved closer to them. She is an invaluable resource.”

– Co-Founder and Director, non-profit arts organization

“Margie built our confidence and cohesion as a team”

img_logo_hbs_text“Our team worked with Margie to develop a group presentation for 7 people—no easy task to be sure! Margie helped us to transform straightforward content into an engaging story that allowed the personality of each group member to shine through. In the process, she also built our confidence and cohesion as a team, working with us to develop a shared understanding of the goals of our presentation, the audience we would be presenting to, and to create a common language for how we talked about our work together.”

– Lindsay Hyde, MBA Harvard Business School

“Insightful advice and expert direction”

FC_logo_hi_res“Recently I worked with Margie to prepare for an extremely important presentation. I entered the coaching engagement with fears about my ability to relate with potential investors and she was able to give me exactly the kind of support and feedback I needed to make the event a great success. Margie’s insightful advice and expert direction enabled me to develop enough confidence in my delivery to put my audience at ease. I feel very fortunate to have her as my coach and am happy to give her my highest recommendation.”

– Toni Elka, Executive Director and Founder, Future Chefs

“Immensely helpful…keenly observant”

starbigger“Margie has been immensely helpful in improving presentation skills and all aspects of communication. She is keenly observant and identifies meaningful areas that need attention and that would usually be overlooked. She implements proactive, hands-on training that provides tangible improvements. Her program makes you far more aware of how you are expressing yourself which makes for a more polished, professional delivery. Margie’s assessments and expertise can benefit anyone who does any kind of speaking in a professional capacity.”

– Christopher Barry, Regional Sales Manager, Starfish Retention Solutions, Inc.

“Great heart and intelligence…left feeling empowered”

“Margie is wonderful…able to bring her considerable talent, along with her great heart, intelligence and presence, to her work. I was moved by the work she did with our school leaders, and they left today feeling empowered by the risks they took in telling and performing their stories.”

– Pamela Seigle, Executive Director, Courage & Renewal Northeast

“Extraordinarily empathetic and insightful teaching style”

“For two years now Margie and her team have coached our students—recently returning military veterans often struggling to transition into the academic environment.  Margie’s extraordinarily empathetic and insightful teaching style not only breaks our students out of their shells, but also frees them from their insecurities by challenging them to express themselves in front of their peers.  It’s a remarkable gift Margie has, and we are so fortunate to have been able to work with her!”

– Logan Leslie, Senior Program Director, The Warrior-Scholar Project

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