Executive Coaching

Your highest goals and aspirations.

Zohn Pull Quote Testimonial VPTechSectorCo 2901What is your next level of excellence? Where do you feel unsure or stuck? What do you most wish you could accomplish? As your coach, I stand with you in defining and achieving your highest goals. I help you capitalize on your strengths and change thinking and behaviors that are holding you back. Together, we find the right balance of reflection and action to set the stage for outstanding professional and personal growth.

It starts with understanding.

Knowing your key drivers and stressors is essential for lasting change. In our coaching process, we will start by crafting a clear vision of where you want to be. We will uncover what is getting in your way and what tools, knowledge and support you need to remove any blocks. We will consider the people and relationships that are essential for your success, and gather information to choose the wisest path forward. We will look at the larger system in which you operate and understand how you can best navigate it.

What you’ll gain:

  • Powerful articulation of your goals
  • Clear action plans with measurable outcomes
  • Important performance data through assessment tools
  • Insight into organizational systems and dynamics
  • Techniques for improving difficult relationships
  • Proven strategies to increase your influence
  • Fresh ideas and approaches to your toughest challenges